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Pneumatic Marking Machine

Jan 09.2018

Pneumatic marking machine is a computer-controlled printing needle in X, Y two-dimensional plane by a certain trajectory movement at the same time, the print needle under the action of compressed air to do high-frequency impact movement, thus printing a certain depth on the workpiece markings. Pneumatic pneumatic marking machine main features: a greater depth, marking directly through the computer output, marking a clear and clear; The main typical applications: automobile and motorcycle components, instruments, machinery, automobiles, signs and other industries.

Pneumatic Marking Machine
Composition of pneumatic marking machine
The pneumatic marking machine consists of four parts:
1. Computer hardware and special software;
2. Drive control system: electric cabinet, control circuit board, driver;
3. Pneumatic system: gas path, filter, pressure regulating valve, high-frequency valve;
4. Marking work table: Industrial X-Y scanning system, Z to lifting system, hit the head, work table.

Application of pneumatic marking machine
1. automobiles, motorcycles and other engines, pistons, body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and other parts for numbers, names, trademarks, production date printing;
2. electric cars, bicycles, motorcycles and other frame number printing;
3. all kinds of goods, vehicles, equipment products signs printing;
4. all kinds of machinery parts, machine tools, hardware, metal pipes, gears, pumps, valves, fasteners, steel, instruments, and meters. Mechanical marking such as mechanical and electrical equipment; plastic system.
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