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GEM Laser Wood Carving Machine-copy-1515986621

Jan 09.2018

Laser engraving machine is numerical control equipment which uses the laser as engraving energy. It is a composite product which combines mechanical, electronic and high-tech laser tubes. It integrates engraving and cutting function into one. Laser engraving machine engraving is a kind of non-contact energy sculpture, not because of contact and reduce the engraving precision, the laser engraving machine advantages and disadvantages are also laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine is for energy carving, wood crafts arts and crafts are so laser engraving machine carving out a certain degree of paste side. So it is antique. Laser engraving machine engraving in some easy combustion or easily heating volatile material will have a smoke or smell, such as paper cutting laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, the density of acrylic plate cutting machine, laser marking machine, mahogany silver light guide plate laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine, laser shadow cloth cutting machine other products are irritating odor.
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