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Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine Bulk Assembly Line Marking

Jan 09.2018

On-line flight laser marking machine is mainly used for marking on the surface of all kinds of products or on the surface of outer packaging. Compared with the traditional laser marking machine that can mark only stationary objects, Code marking process, the product flow in the production line, thus greatly improving the efficiency of production, the laser machine to adapt to the requirements of industrial production
Basically covering all the application of the inkjet machine, the laser marking machine is no longer a simple mark the product date and lot number, because of its unique visual and tactile characteristics and can never be erased, it also has a strong Anti-counterfeiting, anti-Cuanhuo features currently widely used in tobacco industry, biopharmaceuticals, liquor, food and beverage, health products, electronics industry, defense industry, auto parts, business card, technology, clothing accessories, building materials and other fields, and Showing a rapid upward trend.
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