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Electronic Components Marking Machine

Jan 09.2018

Electronic Components Laser Marking Machine(Gem-laser), also known as the semiconductor side of the pump laser marking machine using the most advanced semiconductor laser as the pump source, electro-optical conversion efficiency, high peak power, electro-optical conversion efficiency, saving electricity costs, small size , Low consumption, the use of galvanometer-type high-precision marking head to ensure that marking the results of fine and repeatable processing, the machine running more stable output laser spot diameter smaller. Compared with the traditional light pumping YAG marking machine can adapt to a wider range of working materials, but also easier with a variety of production lines with the connection, to achieve online marking. The series of marking machine in metal and a variety of non-metallic materials, high-speed engraving a beautiful text pattern,

Widely used in electronic and communications products, a variety of automotive parts, hardware tools, instruments, glasses and clocks, sanitary ware, plastic surface, food packaging, jewelry, precision instruments and many other areas of the graphics and text marks.
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