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The Realization Of Laser Flexible Machining System

Sep 03.2017

The laser processing and flexible manufacturing system have good compatibility and combine the two to form a laser flexible processing system. Under the conditions of good cooperation with each other, it is sure to receive remarkable results and good profits.

With the further study of the interaction between laser and materials, laser processing technology will be widely used in flexible manufacturing system.

The flexible systematization of laser processing mainly means that the laser processing head can be used to guide the laser beam to the processing position of the parts. From the complexity of the machining parts of the laser machine, it can be divided into two dimensions and three-dimensional laser processing. High power laser 3D processing is the direction of future laser processing direction. In order to realize the flexibility of laser processing, the 3D laser must adopt the sports optical system. The high power 3d YAG laser processing system usually uses the robot (or robot hand) to coordinate the optical fiber beam transmission, with the robot holding the laser head to complete various motions, the laser is transmitted through the optical fiber to the laser processing head to reach the surface of the workpiece. In this processing system, the transmission and focusing characteristics of the beam are not affected by the processing position.

As an important part of the laser flexible processing system, the machine hand has a direct influence on the processing quality. For high power CO2 laser, it is transmitted through a set of optical lenses (mirror groups). These mirror groups are installed on multi-axis combined (usually 5-axis) CNC machine tools. After the laser is launched from the laser, it passes through a number of reflectors to the laser processing head. As the processing position changes, the machine tool drives the laser processing head movement. As a result, the distance between the lenses and the travel of the laser beam constantly changed. These changes will affect the energy distribution and the change of focus characteristics of the laser beam, thus affecting the processing process. At present, both processing systems are widely used.

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