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The Large Rolling Equipment Is Running Normally In Wuhan Steel

May 08.2017

The previous "GEM LASER people" reported that our company has completed the on-site installation and commissioning for the large-scale rolling equipment developed by Wuhan steel hot rolling mill. From April 26th to May 11th, the rolling equipment was put into operation normally. It has been used for half a month without trouble.

Since the commissioning of the equipment, our technicians have been work from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., and the May Day holiday is no exception, so the small problems can be solved in time. Their earnest work attitude has also been praised by Wuhan steel. At the same time, they have carried out comprehensive training for the Wuhan iron and steel operators, which have been able to use the equipment independently.

During this period, the technicians of GEM LASER rectified the problems in the test run, and summarized the suggestions made by Wuhan steel. Make improvements and improvements in software and hardware to make our devices more perfect and meet customer needs at the same time.

 rolling equipment

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