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The Flexibility Of Laser Marking Machining

Aug 01.2017

Laser marking processing has good flexibility:

1. The laser itself is a simple and easy to control device, if the beam of light is assembled into a very fine beam, it can be cut; The defocus can be welded at one point, and the heat treatment can be carried out after a little defocusing.

2. If laser processing is adopted, not only the processing speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the cost is low, and it can avoid the replacement of mould or tool, shorten the production preparation time period. It is easy to realize continuous processing, the laser beam commuted time is short, and we can improve the production efficiency. Multiple workpieces can be installed alternately. When a workpiece is processed, it can unload the finished parts and install the processing workpiece to realize parallel processing, reduce installation time and increase laser processing time.

3. The laser beam adopts direct drive and direction method. The laser can be rotated, inclined, up and down, and so on, which can process the vertical and complex surface of the workpiece. And the direct drive has no empty range, and has high precision. By combining the control of laser with the robot, the parts under the beam can be moved by robot or multi-axis, and some parts can be processed with traditional methods.

4. When the beam guide device contacts the work piece, the moving system stops immediately, so that the system is not destroyed and the expensive maintenance is avoided. After collision, it can recover the work quickly and easily, it can reduce the downtime caused by the collision, and improve the machining efficiency and reliability of the laser system.

5. The laser head is free to move, at present, the laser head has reached five motion axes, and even if the workpiece is kept fixed during processing, the machining of complex workpiece can be realized. And as long as you use the mobile rotary table, you can process larger parts than the axles. The laser beam adopts automatic focusing control. The direct axis of the laser system can be positioned along the optical axis or any axis to keep the beam in focus. The focus position is accurate at any moment, and the itinerary is unlimited. FIG. 1 shows the comparison between automatic focusing control and camera servo control. As shown in the figure, the focus lens in the lens servo system has nothing to do with the motion of the laser system, so the focus location cannot be determined.

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