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The Difference Between The Laser Marking Process And The Traditional Marking Technology

Jul 29.2017

Since the inception of the laser, it has had a great impact on people's lifestyle. Nowadays, laser is widely used in marking electronic components, laser marking, non-metallic materials, etc. Laser marking is another great innovation after the application of laser cutting, laser drilling and laser welding. It is a new breakthrough in processing technology. It is a new type of non-contact processing, non - chemical pollution and wear - free new marking processing technology. In recent years, with the increasing application of laser technology, it has been effectively combined with computer science and technology, thus breaking the other milestone of the development of laser marking processing.

1. The difference between the laser marking process and the traditional marking technology

Now the laser marking processing technology has a great breakthrough with the traditional marking process. It has an incomparable advantage over tradition.

1) The range of processing materials is more and more extensive. It can be used to label the materials of various non-metallic and gold properties. It is especially suitable for brittle materials, high melting point materials, high hardness materials and so on. The traditional marking machines can only process certain non-metallic materials.

2) The laser marking processing technology is different from the previous type of marking machine, it must contact the surface of the processed object for processing and marking. With the integration and innovation of laser technology, laser marking only requires the laser to focus on the high-energy irradiation of the surface of the processed objects. This non-direct contact process not only does not damage the surface of the workpiece, but has no cutting force, and the quality of marking, symbol and text is very high.

3) The laser beam with high energy density is very thin and the influence of the processed objects is very small. This can help to reduce the loss of raw materials.

4) It is combined with modern automation and computer system to realize the purpose of rapid machining.

5) It can sculpt multiple codes, Numbers, patterns, characters and so on.

6) It can be used for anti-counterfeit labels in the clothing industry, light industry, hardware products and so on.

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