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The Development Status Of Laser Marking Processing

Jul 30.2017

The development of laser marking processing in China has undergone a long period of development. The core system of laser marking equipment is marking control system. The control system also experienced several stages, at first, it was the era of big faces, and then the era of mirrors, and now it's time for the mirror. These different times have promoted the current development model of laser marking, the emergence and rapid development of semiconductor laser marking machines, ultraviolet laser marking machines and optical fiber laser marking machines pose new challenges to the current laser marking. Now foreign laser marking processing can be divided into three forms.

1. The mask mode marking. Use a laser pulse to mark a complete or several symbols.

2. The array marking. It is marked with a plaque to five columns and a vertical seven-column matrix.

3. The stroke marking. The scanning motion is marked by the computer controlling the path of the marking in advance.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of computer technology, laser marking processing technology is more and more integrated with computer technology in actual production. Now its application is being valued by domestic companies, and it is replacing traditional marking methods with its strong advantages.

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