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Tabletop Laser Cutter

Advantages of Tabletop Laser Cutter:

  • Lower Maintenance Costs
The table top laser cutter is made of core light source and is manufactured independently, the costs of repair, maintenance and purchase decrease by 20%.
  • Higher Cost Performance
Table top laser cutting machine adopts a high quality cutting process library, which has the same cutting efficiency and cutting quality as the imported laser.
  • Faster Cutting Speed
The cutting speed of GEM table top laser cutting machine is up to 80m/ minutes, and the acceleration is 1.5G.
  • Higher Processing Efficiency
The cutting breadth is up to 6m*2.55m, which satisfies the transverse placement of multiple 1.25*2.5m sheets, greatly improving the cutting efficiency.

Strengths of Table top Laser Cutter:

It is an ideal choice for metal material processing industry: benchtop laser cutter has strong cutting ability, "flying" cutting speed, super high stability, high-quality processing, extremely low operating cost and super high adaptability;

The Longmen dual drive structure: With the characteristics of stable structure, good rigidity and high speed, the single axis positioning speed of X and Y can reach more than 100m/min, at the same time, the two drive acceleration can make the maximum single axis acceleration of the X and Y reach 2G;

Global purchase and module function expansion of the core components are convenient and quick: The lathe bed of the product is overall welding structure, the beam is cast aluminum, both of them have gone through a number of aging treatment, and have good dynamic response advantages. The product has good stability, long service life and strong practicality.

Self-developed fiber laser: With very strong cutting ability and efficiency, its CNC system is laser cutting special control system produced by joint research and development, it is a high technology fiber laser cutting machine that integrates laser cutting, precision machinery, numerical control technology and other advanced technologies.
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