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Table Top Laser Welder

Application Industry and Material of Table Top Laser Welder:

Industry: Battery, electronics, optical communication, automobile, microelectronics, hardware, household appliances, medical equipment, mould, bathroom accessory, super capacitor, motor, electrical machine, instrument, aviation, solar energy, glasses, jewellery and so on.

GEM desktop laser welder can deal with materials like Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, brass, red copper, galvanized sheet, rare metal and so on.

Characteristics of Desktop Laser Welder:

1.Industrial PC machine (5 inch operation screen optional) control, boundary dimension(LxWxH): 1350x650x1200 (mm);

2. The work piece can do plane trajectory motion along with the sliding table, in which the X and Y axes adopt stepping drive (servo drive optional), the stroke is 300mm*200mm, the positioning repetitive accuracy is +0.03mm, and the plane arbitrary trajectory, such as point, straight line, circle, ellipse, square, etc. can be welded.

3. The collimation focusing laser head can be manually lifted and adjusted to focus (lifting range is 300mm). The around angles of adjustment can reach 45°and the overlooking angle of adjustment is up to 30°. The tilt posture can be adjusted manually;

4.GEM table top laser welder can be extended to three axis (Z axis automatic lifting) and four axis (with a rotary table) worktables.

This worktable is widely used for plane trajectory welding of general components and butt welding of sheet metal.
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