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Small Laser Etching Machine

Small Laser Etching Machine Principle

Laser has integrated structure, it causes no optical pollution, power loss and air cooling. It has performances like high efficiency, long service life, less maintenance, etc.

Characteristics of Mini Laser Etching Machine:

Small laser etching machine is a new laser marking machine developed by our company with  the most advanced laser technology in the world. The fiber laser is used to output the laser,  the marking function can be realized then through the high speed scanning galvanometer system. The fiber laser marking machine has high electro-optical conversion efficiency and can be cooled by air cooling. The whole machine is in small size, but the quality of the beam it outputs is good and it has high reliability.

Excellent Beam Quality

The quality of the beam output by the CY-GX series fiber mini laser etching machine is better than that of the traditional solid laser etching machine. The beam is output through TEMOO and the diameter of the focal spot is 10um, the beam's divergence angle is 1/4 of that of the beam output by the semiconductor pump lasers. CY-GX series fiber laser etching machine is especially suitable for precise and fine marking.

Low Use-cost

The electro-optical conversion efficiency can reach as high as 30%. The power consumption of the whole machine is less than 500W, which is the 1/10 of that of the lamp pump solid laser marking machine, thus it greatly saves energy consumption.

Maintenance Free

Lasers do not need any maintenance, nor do they need adjusting or lens cleaning.

Long Service Life

Using laser diode as pump source, the average working time can be up to 100 thousand hours.

Fast Processing Speed

The processing speed is 2 - 3 times that of the traditional laser etching machine.

Industrial Application of Small Laser Etching Machine:

It can be used to engrave metal materials and some non-metal materials. It is mainly used in fields that have high requirements for depth, smoothness and precision, such as glasses, watch, jewellery, gift and ornament, instrument, mould, bitmap marking, electrical appliances, electronic communication, auto part, precision hardware and sanitary ware, etc. It is not suitable for highly reflective materials.
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