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After-sale Service

1. Service Concept

Creating values for you is creating for ourselves.

We focus on your demand. With our most professional, considerate and efficient service, we will guide you to fully master the methods and techniques during product application and maitenance.

※ Authoritative Expert Lifelong Counselor
We have enough high-quality talents and master advanced technical ability. We cooperate with domestic and international scientific research institutions and organizations to develop new products with higher performance. We supply models of machinery and solutions of product line for you.

※ Dedicated Service Personalized Communication
No matter how large the scale of your enterprise is, we can provide the solution plans on industry information, area resource, product flow, supply chain and product sale and so on. Share the information, help to integration the resource and avoid the investment risk. By this, you can gain investment appreciation and control the return of the investment.

※ Service Support Comprehensive Care
We set the department of pre-sales , sales and after sale which can help you from choosing the machinery model to technical support and service of maintenance, we create the data for each customer, supply the advice for machinery maintenance and the idea of maintenance instead of repairment , which above can save your cost gravely. Provide comprehensive technical support is our guarantee.

※ Skilled Worker Quality Guarantee
We have a elite team for manufacture and obey scientific quality standard during manufacture. We set three grade test rules :
  • Self test
  • Retest
  • Final test.
Care each details constantly. Never avoid problems and let them appear again. Supply reliable guarantee for complete crushing and grinding machinery.

2. Service Flow

"135"action ( Dial One Phone, Three Link , Five Free Service ) to support.
  • 1: Dial one phone
  • 3: Pre-sale, sales and after sale
  • 5: Five professional service

Supply technical consult
  • Free repairment during warranty period.
  • Dedicated service for key project.
  • Train operation and repairment worker.
  • Track service for maintenance.

Supply technical consult

3. Service Arrange

Service Arrange

Laser Products
  • TEL:+86-27-84793136
  • ADDRESS:No.442, Wuluo Road, South Central International City A2 Block, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China