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  • Laser Welding Systems Laser Welding Systems

    With the continuous improvement of the process requirements, the laser welding machine has been widely used in the field of welding, which is mainly benefited from the traditional Super-distance welding.Components of laser welding machine:Part 1:  The host of laser weldingLaser welding mainly produ...

  • Laser Marking Systems Laser Marking Systems

    Overview: The laser marking machine consists of four parts: laser power supply, laser, two coordinate worktable and CNC system. The numerical control system controls the worktable to move according to the user's input program and the marking process parameters. At the point of a character or pattern...

  • Laser Cutting Systems Laser Cutting Systems

    The laser cutting machine includes a two axis motion control system, which includes a guide, a slider, a stepping motor, a synchronous belt, a drive, a driving board, and a power supply. Laser optical path system includes laser tube, laser power supply, laser control system, reflector, and conce...

  • Laser Engraving Systems Laser Engraving Systems

    A Machine is made up of a lot of parts, each part plays an indispensable role. Today, we mainly introduce the main parts of laser engraving machine. GEM thinks that recognizing the composition of laser engraving machine is very important for us to understand and use laser cutting machine better.At p...

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