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Laser Welding Systems

With the continuous improvement of the process requirements, the laser welding machine has been widely used in the field of welding, which is mainly benefited from the traditional Super-distance welding.

Components of laser welding machine:
laser welding machine

Part 1:  The host of laser welding
Laser welding mainly produces the laser beam used for welding, which is composed of power supply, laser generator, optical path part, control system and other main parts.

Part 2: Cooling system
The cooling system provides the cooling function for the laser generator, which is usually equipped with 1-5 water circulating water chillers (mainly for the square laser welding machine).

Part 3: Laser welding automatic worktable or motion system
The system is designed to realize the laser welding, laser beam according to the specific requirements according to the welding trajectory, realize the function of automatic welding laser, general workpiece, laser head fixed, laser head movement, the workpiece is fixed, or the laser head and the workpiece are mobile, three kinds of motion control, the entire system, through the CNC programming method write the motion control program to control the table according to the request, and through the simplified programming system, has the advantages of simple operation, without professional skills or non academic basis can also be quickly grasp, worktable system radius of laser, such as: the movement of the manipulator system, two-dimensional, three-dimensional workbench, four axis linkage work station, gantry welding workbench, cantilever table and so on, can realize welding motion control precision.

Part 4: Fixture
In the laser welding process, the welding fixture is mainly used for the laser welding workpiece is fixed, and the repeated loading and unloading, repeated positioning for laser automatic welding, so the fixture is one of the indispensable equipment in the production of laser welding, especially in batch production, tooling and fixture whether the design is in place, will directly affect the efficiency and production rate, a large number of professional designers with laser facilities, designed specifically for customers of laser welding fixture solutions, and provides a demo of 3D experience allows customers to clear the whole welding scheme.

Part 5: The observation system
Generally, laser welding machine is equipped with observation system. It can observe the workpiece in real time. It is used to detect the welding effect in the precise location and welding process when making welding program, and generally configure CCD display system or microscope.

One is made up of five parts, forming a complete laser welding machine.

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