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Laser Engraving Systems

A Machine is made up of a lot of parts, each part plays an indispensable role. Today, we mainly introduce the main parts of laser engraving machine. GEM thinks that recognizing the composition of laser engraving machine is very important for us to understand and use laser cutting machine better.

At present, the common laser engraving machine is composed of five parts: mechanical platform, optical system, transmission system, control system and auxiliary system.
 laser engraving machine
1. Optical system: the laser tube, laser power supply, three mirrors and a head.
2. Transmission system: by three high precision four balanced imported linear guide, belt, 2 step motor and a number of gears.
3. Auxiliary system: there are circulating cooling water pump, air blowing compressor, smoke exhausting machine.
4. Mechanical system: by machine cover, guide, base, reflecting mirror frame and other mechanical parts

Laser Products
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