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Laser Cutting Systems

The laser cutting machine includes a two axis motion control system, which includes a guide, a slider, a stepping motor, a synchronous belt, a drive, a driving board, and a power supply. Laser optical path system includes laser tube, laser power supply, laser control system, reflector, and concentrator. The compressed air system includes the air pump and the gas path. The laser tube cooling system includes the constant temperature water pump and the water pipe.
laser cutting machine
1. The laser power supply supplies the high voltage power supply for the laser oscillation. It is divided into anode and cathode
2. The laser oscillator produces the main laser equipment, the CO2 laser tube used in general non-metal cutting
3. The refracting mirror is used to guide the direction of the laser. In order to prevent the beam from failure, all mirrors should be protected with a protective cover.
4. The torch includes a gun body, a focusing lens and auxiliary gas nozzle parts etc..
5. The cutting platform is used to place the cutting workpiece and move accurately according to the control program, usually driven by a server motor. Generally, it is divided into aluminum knife and reticulate table 
6. Driving device for driving program in accordance with the torch torch along the X axis and Z axis direction, the step motor and belt drive components.
7. Numerical control device to control the cutting platform and the torch movement, but also control the laser output power. That's what we call the motherboard
8. The operating disk is used to control the working process of the whole cutting device.
9. Cylinders include laser working medium cylinders and auxiliary cylinders, used to supplement the working gas of laser oscillations and to supply auxiliary gas for cutting.
10. The cooling water circulation device is used to cool the laser oscillator. A laser is a device that uses electrical energy to convert into light energy. For example, the conversion efficiency of a CO2 gas laser is generally 50%, and the remaining 50% energy is converted into heat. The cooling water takes the excess heat away to keep the oscillator working properly.
11. The air dryer is used to supply clean dry air to laser oscillators and beam channels to keep the normal work of the passages and mirrors.

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