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Portable Metal Stamping Machine

Features of portable metal stamping machine:

1. It uses compressed air as the power source with high efficiency and easy operation. It can reduce labor force. It can be applied to manual operation and automatic pipe lining.

2. The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the price is cheap and the performance is superior. There is no noise produced by the oil pressure system and the electric standby. It can save the power consumption and reduce the production cost. It has a high cost performance.

3. The output is easy to adjust. Only adjusting the air pressure can adjust the required pressure with the high finished product rate. Equipped with anti-rotation guide bar and guide plate, it has high precision and can adapt to high speed and precise stamping.

4. The height, speed, stroke, pressure and stamping time can be adjusted according to different products or moulds.

5. The two hands control button or foot switch can be used to increase the protection device, heating mould, temperature control and pressure sensor. The control device and the pre-control device conform to the safety standard, so as to ensure the safety of the operator.

6. With microcomputer control system, it can select the manual, semiautomatic and automatic operation, and additional control devices can also be added.

The application of portable metal stamping machine

It is suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, meters, cameras, watches and clocks, jewelry, hardware and clothing, shoes and hat industry;

Machinable material

It is suitable for cutting, punching, blanking, forming, bending, riveting and other processes of sheet, strip and coil, and is also suitable for machining non-ferrous metals and plastic parts.
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