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Portable Marking Machine

Portable marking machine is a special product in general series of marking machines. It is specially designed for printing various objects such as large valves, frame numbers, processing materials, and other unmovable objects. The pneumatic portable marking machine is designed with two body. During operation, the nose part is directly handheld to print the object. It has lightweight and beautiful appearance. For manufacturers that print large objects, this machine is cheap and flexible, so it is the first choice for improving product quality.

Working principle of portable marking machine:

The computer controls the print needle to move in a certain path in the X, Y two-dimensional plane, while the printing needle makes the high frequency shock movement under the action of the compressed air, then it prints out the beautiful marks on the work piece.

Portable marking machine performance characteristics:

1. The 8 high-speed single chip microcomputer is the control core of the control system of the handheld marker and there is a 320*240 blue LCD screen.
2. The pneumatic portable marking machine can be completely offline, it has friendly man-machine interface, and is easy to learn and use, and easy to operate.
3. It can automatically print the flow number, VIN code and so on.
4. The printing graphics are solidified in the system and can not be changed at will.
5. The pneumatic portable marking machine adopts pneumatic printing, so long as it has the power and gas source, it can work.
6. The needle head is made of cemented carbide material, and the hardness of printing material can reach HRC60.
7. It has strong anti-interference, strong radiation resistance, and is suitable for working environment.
8. The failure rate is very low and the maintenance is small.
9. Low power, low cost and low price.
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