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Portable Laser Welder

A summary of the portable laser welder:

The hanging portable spot welder is composed of welding tongs, welding machine transformers, welding machine controllers, water cooling systems, pneumatic pressurizing systems and suspension devices. The work piece is still and the welding clamp moves.

Performance characteristics of portable laser welding machine:

1. With compact structure, convenient maintenance, small size and lightweight, portable laser welder can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and save energy consumption to a large extent.

2. The electrode arm uses high-quality chromium zirconium copper to ensure the stability of the welding performance, the service life of the welder and the strength of the electrode arm.

3. The gas path system is large in diameter. Matched with imported pneumatic components, the action of the welding clamp is fast and the production efficiency is improved.

4. When welding, the heating time is short, the heat is concentrated, no arc, no spark spatter, no welding slag, no welding and stacking, no thermal deformation of the weldment. It has a beautiful appearance and good quality.

5. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation by changing the conduction angle of the thyristor by the welding machine controller. It can also match the industrial robot and carry out the fully automatic welding operation.

The application range of portable laser welder:

Portable welder is mainly used for welding low carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, coated steel, plate and round steel which cannot be welded or cannot be easily welded by normal fixed welding machines. It is also widely used in automobile, civil sheet metal, anti-theft door, cabinet, household appliances and other industries.

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