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Portable Laser Etching Machine

The main features of portable laser etching machine:

This equipment adopts imported professional industrial computer with compact structure and reasonable design. It is lightweight, small, easy to move and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Portable laser etching machine is widely used in various industries, such as locomotive, automobile, shipbuilding, pressure vessel and so on.

Portable laser etching machine of GEM has the function of traditional semi-automatic cutting equipment, and it can cut all kinds of work pieces as the large numerical control cutting equipment do. It greatly improves the utilization rate of the plate, and reduces the production cost at the same time.

It has the advanced computer numerical control technology, which divides the programming and numerical control into two parts. It eliminates inefficient manual programming for there is no need. Instead, it is replaced by the automatic programming method provided by the programming software. (Randomly give the programming software that can be used to directly generate the program recognized by the system (G code file) after selecting the appropriate programming parameters after discharging the AUTOCAD diagram.) This greatly alleviates the operator's programming burden, so everyone can use the equipment.

The file transfer is flexible, the device supports the USB interface (recommendation) and the RS232 interface. The user only needs to copy the program files automatically generated in the computer to the U disk, and then insert the USB interface of the fuselage to achieve the transmission of the file.

It has the function of graphic tracking, that is, it can display processing state more intuitively and conveniently during the process, and it supports the pause, forward, back and speed control in processing.
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