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Portable Laser Engraver

The portable laser engraver is a kind of specially customized model for the market need. Its main features are small in size, light in weight, high speed, high precision, low price, wide application and so on. The main configuration is very luxurious. It is equipped with raiser motor, linear module guide and DSP control card. And according to the request of the customer, it installs lifting platform, rotating jig, which can realize all kinds of material laser processing. BOX-A4 basic type is widely praised by customers at home and abroad as soon as it is put on the market. Its unique particularity makes it widely used in the carving and processing of small bamboo and wood crafts, skin surface carving marking, paper hollow carving, mobile phone protection film cutting, crystal glass carving, handicraft wooden box covering jewelry box, acrylic processing and so on.

Features of portable laser engraver:

This series of models adopt high speed USB off-line control system, the split type design of the frame structure. Being stable and reliable in work, it is an economical and practical model with wide application. The latest software supports seamless docking with autocad, coredraw and other CAD and cam class image processing software, and it directly outputs the original image. Aiming at the woodblock printing industry and the excellent performance of the original machine, the comprehensive slope function is developed to make the easy deformation parts such as small words and bar code more durable. Its excellent printing effect and accuracy are comparable to flexographic plates, and can partially replace the high price flexographic resin plates.

This machine has its own precision screw lifting table, equipped with smoke and dust removal system, with small noise.

Portable laser engraver configuration:

Flying light mode;
Step motor drive;
Linear guide rail;
Independent research and development of high performance control board;
Friendly interface software operation, it can support DXF, AI, PLT, DST, DSB and other graphic formats.
High precision motion mechanism;
Environment-friendly smoke exhausting institutions;

Applicable materials:

This type of machine is mainly used for mobile phone protection films, seals, business cards, pictures, gifts, greeting cards and other personalized products processing.

Applicable industry:

This type of machine is suitable for engraving all kinds of seals, such as horn, wood, plastic, plexiglass, ink storage, etc.
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