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Portable Laser Cutting Machine

Application industries of portable laser cutting machine:

Advertising, crafts, leather, toys, clothing, model, architectural decoration, computer embroidery, cutting, advertising logo signs, craft gifts, crystal ornaments, paper cutting technology, embossing, bamboo and wood simple carving craft, printing plate making, garment leather, embroidery, decoration and decoration, photo frame making packaging and paper industry.

Application materials of portable laser cutting tool:

Wood, bamboo, jade, marble, organic glass, crystal, plastic, cloth, leather, rubber, ceramic glass, double color board, glass, acrylic, wood, paper, leather, cloth, rubber, marble, granite, tile, shell and other non metal materials.

Product features of portable laser cutter:

1. Mini equipment, less space occupation, the best choice for handicraft industry.
2. DSP control software, high-speed and stable, it is easy to operate.
3. Equipped with high-speed motor driver, the operation is more stable and the accuracy is higher.
4. The design is novel, and it is easy to learn and use.
5. Electric lifting platform, suitable for processing different thickness materials.
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