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Wuhan Will Build A Precision Laser Base To Break The Foreign Core Technology Monopoly

Jan 10.2018
Precision laser wisdom is expected to break the monopoly of foreign core technology to build 8 bases located in Wuhan, Wuhan will effectively promote the development of emerging industries, the new display panel of mobile phone terminal, after the project is expected to achieve sales revenue of 3 billion yuan, 2000 new jobs, the indirect economic benefit of the industrial chain of nearly billion.

According to the introduction, from vehicle OLED taillights to high-end smart phones, OLED screens are widely used, and the OLED industry is developing rapidly. This is also driving the development of OLED related equipment industry. In the next two years, the OLED equipment market will usher in the golden development period.
For a long time, OLED core processing equipment supply mainly lies in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries manufacturers, with the domestic consumer electronics industry chain matures, domestic equipment manufacturers and technology after years of precipitation, with the advantage of equipment cost and customer service service geographical advantage, domestic equipment is expected to continue to seize market share and gradually realize the import substitution.

In addition, benefit from the development of new energy vehicles in the same industry, the development of battery power outlet also need precision laser machining, the core technology for Japan and South Korea over the past monopoly, nowadays domestic equipment cost, showing the regional advantages, the future power battery upstream precision processing market will usher in the explosive growth, the relevant industry report is expected in the next two or three years will be lithium battery capacity expansion peak.

In addition to strengthen the research base of laser precision micromachining technology, will also be released in full capacity to meet the growing market demand at home and abroad, the demonstration effect in personnel and other resources of science and technology innovation agglomeration effect, technology and knowledge spillover effect, transformation, and the resulting economic association effect will gradually emerge.
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