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World Cup Football Made In China, Football

Jul 09.2018
The 2018 Russian world cup is on the hot spot, although our Chinese team did not break into the World Cup finals, but it does not mean that Chinese football has not entered the world cup.

According to reports, the soccer World Cup named Telstar was 18 from a football manufacturing company in Cha Shan town, Dongguan. The company has introduced the first automatic football production line in China, which can produce 1000 football every day, each of which can be produced in 3-5 minutes, and the produced football will be sent to Russia. And you know, every game in the world cup has its own identity card.

Each football has a two-dimensional code identity card

In order to facilitate machine recognition and process assembly, each football has a two-dimensional code, which is the identity card of the football, in addition to the machine identification, the football identity card and the information storage: when is the ball produced? Who made it? Which raw material is produced? It's also fine to know who the ball is, and so on. In addition, this is the first official game ball to support NFC.

So, how to print the ID card?

The traditional two-dimensional code identity card usually uses ink jet coding technology, which is easy to fall off, easy to wear and is not suitable for marking in football. If you want to print an ID card that is not easy to erase, you must use the laser code technology.

On the one hand, the laser spurting code two-dimensional code has the characteristics of small size, high density, large capacity and low cost, so it is suitable for marking small parts such as football. On the other hand, laser code has the characteristics of permanence and anti-counterfeiting, even in football, which is often worn or defiled, laser labeled two-dimensional code can be read correctly.

GEM laser flying series laser online inkjet printer, spurting code effect "fast", "accurate", "fine"! The flying series of on-line laser code machine includes three types of optical fiber, CO2, UV, all kinds of configurations are optional. All of them can achieve rapid spray code. It is mainly used to print Chinese characters, digital, English, production batch number, production date, validity period, LOGO, anti-counterfeiting and anti string digital, and can meet the requirements of laser code for various industries and materials. It is the best choice for all kinds of sports products.

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