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With This 3d Laser Marking Machine, There Is No Fear Of Curved Surfaces And Deep Engraving.

Jun 14.2018
At present, the demand for individuation and customization in manufacturing industry is more and more vigorous. As a new marking tool, laser marking is bound to adapt to the new processing trend. Therefore, the 3D laser marking machine arises at the historic moment. 3D laser marking machine can make up for many shortcomings of 2D laser marking machine, and has unique advantages in the field of surface marking and deep carving.

Surface marking: the workpiece must be placed on the same plane in the traditional plane marking machine, and the machining surface must be on the same plane to realize the marking of the first form, and the surface mark can not be completed. 3D laser marking machine can quickly change the focal length and orientation of laser beam, and achieve the surface marking which 2D can not finish.

Deep carving: traditional 2D marking has inherent defects in deep carving of objects. With the upward shift of the laser focus in the carving process, the laser energy on the actual surface of the object will drop dramatically, which will seriously affect the effect and efficiency of the deep carving. Therefore, the lifting platform must be moved at a specific height at a specific time during the carving process to ensure the laser surface aggregation effect. The 3D laser marking machine has greatly reduced the surface roughness of the machined object. In the process of deep carving, it not only ensures the effect, but also improves the efficiency, and the processing effect is more abundant.

The Jiaming laser 3D dynamic focusing laser marking machine selects the pre aggregated optical form and uses the larger X and Y axis to deflect the lens. Therefore, it can promise the greater laser spot, the better aggregation precision and the better energy effect. If the 3D laser marking is in the equal aggregation accuracy with the 2D, the scale of the marking can be bigger. The 3D laser marking machine can realize the one-time marking of the cylinder in the specific radian, thus greatly improving the processing power.

In the process of industrial production, the appearance of many parts is irregular, and the height difference of some parts is quite large. It is difficult to meet the needs of 2D marking processing. The advantages of 3D laser marking will be gradually highlighted.

The Jiaming laser can control hardware and software by independent research and development of 3D dynamic laser marking, and configure special three-dimensional vibrating mirror. It can achieve laser marking on the surface more accurately, without the phenomenon of defocus, even the complex surface can cope with it.
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