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With A Laser Cleaning Machine, Say Goodbye To Metal Rust

Apr 03.2018
In the field of industry, metal is widely used, almost everywhere can be seen in our life of all kinds of metal materials, but metal in the air for a long time, it will inevitably rust.

The loss of metal corrosion is extremely important. According to the American metal association, the economic losses caused by metal corrosion in the world account for 4% of the total product, and the scrap metal accounts for 30% of the total output because of corrosion, and the economic losses caused by metal corrosion in our country are about 300000000000 yuan per year.

Metal rust removal is also a major problem that must be faced in the application of metals. The traditional methods of metal rust removal include:

1. Manual derusting

With a scraper, hammer, steel brush, grinding tools, knock, shovel, grinding and scraping away the rust etc..

Disadvantages: low rust removal efficiency, bad operating environment, high labor intensity, usually only remove loose rust and failure of old coating, and can not remove all the oxide skin.

2. Mechanical derusting

With portable electric grinding wheel, electric brush, pneumatic brush and rust removing gun, rust and dirt can be effectively removed by impact and friction. Two widely used methods are jet and shot blasting.

Malpractice: the environmental pollution is heavy.

3. Chemical treatment

The chemical reaction between the acid solution and the rust (oxide) on the surface of the cleaned metal is chemically reacted to dissolve it in the acid, and the hydrogen produced by the action of the acid and metal also causes the oxidation of the oxide skin to fall off.

Malpractice: the chemical soaking method should soak the workpiece in the solution, so this method can not be used for the rust removal of some large structures and equipment; it may corrode the metal matrix.

Compared with the traditional methods of rust removal, laser cleaning processing efficiency is high, the effect is good, do not hurt the base material, so the sudden rise of metal rust in the favor of metal removal.

The principle of laser derusting technology is also very simple. When the laser acts on the iron chip, it will vaporize instantaneously, and after the formation of the plasma, the light reflectivity of the lower metal is high, so the part which has been derusted will not be damaged by the laser irradiation, so the method of laser derusting is efficient and safe, and even the angle of the letter and bolt on the surface of the parts. The corner is able to clean up perfectly.

Laser cleaning machine is a new generation of surface cleaning high-tech products. It has the advantages of easy manipulation, easy automation integration, no chemical reagents, clean surface cleaning, high cleanliness and high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection, safety and reliability, and almost no damage to the substrate surface, which can solve many difficult problems that can not be solved by traditional cleaning.

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