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Why Do You Have To Look At Anti-counterfeit Labels If You Buy Cosmetics?

Jul 05.2018
Recently, a blogger reflected on the Sina micro-blog on the Internet fake products, causing widespread discussion among the netizens. Today, cosmetics have fake goods are not "new" smell, beautiful fairy girls buy cosmetics skin care products are always indecisive, see the store feel unbelievable, the store is also imaginary, the thought of their hard earned money even buy fake goods to be heartache breathing.

Similar incidents emerge in an endless stream, leading to a sharp decline in consumer confidence in the brand. Cosmetics anti-counterfeiting has become the most concerned topic for women. Therefore, famous brands like L'OREAL and Estee Lauder have adopted anti-counterfeiting labels.

Is two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label really important for cosmetics? Yes, the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels play an important role in identifying the authenticity of products.

The value of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit label in cosmetics:

1, it can show the regularization of cosmetics enterprises, ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics, and let consumers buy centering.

2, consumers can query the authenticity of products through the query method of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels, so as to eliminate consumers' concerns.

3, through the selection of one thing and one code, to give the only two-dimensional code for every cosmetic, add the counterfeiters to the product's false difficulty, improve the counterfeiting cost, to resist counterfeiters to counterfeit products.

The value of anti fake labels to cosmetics manufacturers:

1, effectively enhance consumer purchase intention, with anti-counterfeit labels can improve product levels and build brand image. The product has no anti-counterfeit label, it appears that the product is not regular.

2, enterprises can complete the systematic processing of products, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit labels virtually add a number to each product.

3, protect the healthy and stable development of the supply chain. The regular product supply chain will play a leading role in the shopping mall, and it can maintain the competitiveness of the shopping mall.
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