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Whether The Heat Of The Comprehensive Screen Market Will Become A Turning Point For Laser Cutting

Dec 25.2017
While mobile phone manufacturers are scramble for a full screen mobile phone market, another industry has quietly developed in full swing.
With the advent of IPHONEX full screen mobile phone, the concept of "full screen" finally before the formation of the sparks of fire from liaoyuanzhishi. According to the expectation of CINNOResearch, the penetration of the full screen in the intelligent machine market will rise to 50% in 2018, followed by a gradual increase to 93% in 2021.

Although, the full screen wanted, but the corresponding production process is complex and difficult. Generally speaking, the design of a full screen mobile phone can be divided into a special screen and a non - shaped screen. With the drive of IPHONEX, the mobile phone manufacturer develops the cell phone from a non - shaped screen to a special screen, and the special shaped screen must be realized with a special shape cutting scheme.

At present, the main cutting ways on the market are two kinds of cutting, laser cutting and laser cutting. The traditional right angle cutting mainly adopts the way of mechanical cutter, and the grinding technology is used to cut the screen with the right angle. The four corners of the mobile phone still use round arc. This method does not cause the high temperature problem, and will not cause the problem of framed edges and yellowing and hot spots. However, when the special-shaped cutting is applied, the mechanical cutter will start to expose the problems such as slow cutting speed, low accuracy and large edge damage.
A new laser cutting machine cutting knife wheel compared to the more obvious advantages in the above aspects, because the laser cutting of high strength, the edge effect is good, and can automatically separate the waste, residue free, fast cutting speed, no processing shape restrictions, therefore, laser cutting technology is expected to become the mainstream in the field of cutting cutting technology.
It can be said that the special-shaped cutting is a high - end cutting technology that requires infinite precision, and it is the laser cutting that can support the development of this technology. Different from the traditional cutting tool, laser cutting using high power density laser beam to the material to be cut, the material quickly is heated to the vaporization temperature, evaporation hole formed, with the beam movement of materials, narrow width continuous pore formation (such as 0.1mm) sawcutting, complete cutting of materials.
In fact, in the field of smart phone, laser cutting is only applied to some high-end flagship phones, which has not been able to really popularize in the field of smart phones. But because of the upsurge of comprehensive screen, the laser cutting industry has made great progress in 2017, whether it is technology or the formation of industrial chain.
Take the laser of the big family as an example. The big family laser is the most powerful laser enterprise in China, and its picosecond laser cutting technology is very suitable for the laser special-shaped cutting field. Coupled with the increase in supply demand, the large population laser has developed rapidly this year, its performance is growing strongly, and the sales of laser intelligent equipment have broken through the new high. Data show that Han's laser third quarter total revenue of 8914357034.09 yuan, operating profit of 1678577360.58 yuan, total profit of 1639000968.93 yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 1502154124.58 yuan, respectively, compared with the same period last year growth of 78.69%, 163.58%, 121.22% and 137.31%.
Find out some clues from it.
With the advent of the full screen era, a large number of smart phones have been applied to the full screen, which indirectly put forward higher requirements for laser cutting technology, and promoted the development of laser cutting technology.
On the other hand, the most direct impact on panel industry is the obvious promotion of panel demand. The demand for the market has also promoted the growth of the sales of laser cutting equipment.
And those industry leaders who have advanced technology will take the lead in benefiting.
For the laser cutting industry, these are no doubt good news.
Of course, we can't just see a good part of it, but ignore the problem. Although in recent years China's laser cutting industry is developing rapidly, but the laser cutting equipment has been the high-end market in developed countries such as USA and Japan, holding the domestic laser cutting has been the lack of high-end technology, services, channels and other competition, only hovering in the low end of the market.
Today's top priority is to improve the technology content of laser cutting, improve service, expand channels and enhance core competitiveness, which is the key to laser cutting to high-end market.
This is also reflected in the "investor relations activities" of the great family laser: "the analysis of the reasons for this year's performance explosion: last year's R & D spending is large, and the cost and expenditure growth is more, such as OLED, consumer electronics, power battery and so on. This year's growth has been reflected since last year. This year's performance is based on last year's income. Income is not just consumer electronics. Big power and PCB have gone to a new level. PCB confirms revenue growth is over 30%. By September, PCB orders were up 40% compared with last year. At the same time, the management level is still improving, and the cost control is better. This year's R & D investment is expected to be higher than last year.
In a word, if we can solve the existing problems better, plus the hot potential of the domestic and the whole world, we will be very optimistic about the future of laser cutting market. So before the full screen era comes next year, it is possible for enterprises to seize the opportunity of laser cutting to go further.

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