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What Kind Of "welfare" Is Brought By Laser Technology To The Automobile Industry

Jan 23.2018
The advent of the automobile has brought great convenience to our lives, many automobile manufacturers in order to seize market opportunities, win the favor of consumers, to intelligent and personalized development of car makes, now have adopted the latest technology and manufacturing process. With the acceleration of vehicle intellectualization and personalization process, advanced manufacturing technology represented by laser technology is also constantly promoting the upgrading of automobile manufacturing industry.

At present in Europe and other developed countries have nearly 50~70% auto parts using laser processing technology, mainly include: laser cutting technology and laser welding technology (approximately 60%), laser drilling technology and laser marking technology (about 19%), and the research and development of laser surface treatment (about 15%). In China, in recent years with the rise of China's laser related products, China's automobile industry gradually began to pay attention to the application and development of laser processing technology, processing technology in related parts above have also used the laser processing technology is now processing. It can be said that in the automotive field now, the application of laser processing technology has become an important part of the modern automobile manufacturing industry, and has an important driving force for the development of the automotive industry now. Like in the automotive industry center of the United States, there are more than 40 laser processing centers in Detroit, which undertake the processing and manufacturing of auto parts from all over the country. Efficient and quick processing services also make the automobile industry in this area develop rapidly.
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