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What Can You Do In 1 Minutes? The Laser Code May Be Faster Than You Think

May 07.2018
With the popularization of electronic information and the application of one object and one code, how to realize the interaction between consumers after consumption is the emerging demand of the beverage packaging industry. How to achieve "one thing, one yard" and ensure efficient processing is a new challenge to the beverage packaging industry.

The main business of the purple day packing is for the beverage. The main products are high quality plastic burglar cover used for filling the plastic PET bottles such as drinking water, soda water, tea drinks, juice and condiments. It is one of the largest plastic bottle cap production enterprises in China. Purple products are chosen by Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Danone Group, Suntory and other famous brands of beverage manufacturers both at home and abroad. The beverage brands need more and more vigorous interaction with consumers: some brands hope to achieve the function of extracting red packets, integrals and prizes through the two-dimensional code on the lid of the beverage bottle. Some brands hope to get the big data of the data consumption habits through the information obtained by the scavenging.

Obviously, through traditional ink spray code, it is difficult to realize these new demands. As a result, the eye drops to the laser code. Laser marking is also called laser marking. The unique technology can make the product get more exquisite marks. Although the domestic optical fiber laser marking machine technology has become more and more mature, but most of the marking machine manufacturers do not apply for two-dimensional code products, more mature software can cooperate with the production line. The purple package hopes that the laser marking machine can be highly integrated into the production line to achieve a high efficiency of one or a yard, and the high definition and accuracy of the marking.

After comparing several companies in the industry, it is found that some companies have limited service life, short term energy attenuation, some companies have low integration level, some online laser marking technology is not mature, and some after sale strength is not up to the standard...

Finally, the purple sun inspected the laser marking system of the beverage bottle cap provided by GEM laser and found that it perfectly satisfied all the needs of the purple sun.

- lid transport, laser coding, detection and removal, cloud platform data upload.

- the readability of the two-dimensional code is more than 99.9%.

- high code speed.

The GEM laser is a system designed for the purple day. It adopts a flying series of UV laser on line printer, which consists of six parts: cover conveying system, laser marking system, feed transmission device, visual identification and elimination system, bottle cap control system and air purification system. The waterfall type lid machine meets multiple equipment simultaneously. Laser marking requirements greatly improve productivity.
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