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US Media Focus On China's Plan To Use Large Lasers To Clean Up Space Garbage

Jan 19.2018
Chinese scientists have proposed a bold innovation proposal, which uses large lasers to clean up the messy earth orbit, destroying the old satellites and the garbage in the sky.
According to the American "Newsweek" website reported on January 15th, researchers at the Air Force Engineering University Chinese wrote an article entitled "the study on the model of small scale space debris orbit space-based laser to remove the paper, the paper describes the platform through the use of space-based lasers, space debris can by laser irradiation into smaller, less debris hazard.
Reported that for many years, space junk has always been the concern of the international space agency. NASA has considered a variety of options to track, detect and remove artificial debris. The way to scavenging large space debris includes giant nets for cleaning and collecting waste, and magnets that can be used to suck them out of orbit. Chinese scientists have carried out a laser simulation study and come to the conclusion that this will be an effective way to clean the earth's orbit.

The summary of the paper says: "(Simulation Research) provides the necessary theoretical basis for the application of space debris technology in the sky based platform."
In 2014, the US Defense giant Lockheed Martin research found that there are about 200 threats per day for the orbiting satellites. The high-speed debris along the earth's orbit is regarded as a serious threat to future space missions. It is described by European space experts as a "fatal series of threats". Every year in the past, high speed debris has continued to increase.
According to the January 17th web site of the mass machinery, space is basically empty, but space next to the earth is becoming more and more crowded. Every satellite that we send into space will eventually become another piece of debris moving around the earth, and as time goes on, these fragments will accumulate. The more debris, the higher the probability that a satellite that is still running is hit by debris, and then damage or destroy a multimillion dollar investment.
It is reported that all space agencies have set up plans to clean up space garbage in the future. NASA is considering the use of jet gas to reduce the speed of debris and make it out of orbit. Europe is considering launching a satellite carrying a large net to capture debris and bring it back to earth. The idea of Japan is to capture debris with an electric chain.
At the moment, China has also proposed a solution to space garbage, which is to use a large laser to blow the floating space junk into less harmful fragments. According to a paper published by a group of researchers from Air Force Engineering University in Germany in optics monthly, installing such a laser on a satellite will be effective enough to clean up the space, at least according to the simulation results.
It is reported that the only way to confirm the effectiveness is to carry out the test. There is no such arrangement yet. But maybe sooner or later someone will install the laser on the satellite and send it into space. Once we have done it, we can eventually start to eliminate the problem of space garbage once and for all.
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