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Two-dimensional Code Under The Laser Marking Machine

May 16.2018
The two dimensional bar code has the characteristics of large storage, high security, high tracking, strong resistance, great support and cheap cost. These characteristics are especially suitable for forms, security, tracking, evidence, inventory, information preparation and so on. This paper mainly introduces the application of laser marking two-dimensional code traceability system. A product to establish a complete data traceability system, to achieve two goals, one is the internal quality control traceability, and the other is the external product traceability.

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Laser marking two-dimensional code

A product to establish a complete data traceability system, to achieve two goals, one is the internal quality control traceability, and the other is the external product traceability.

Internal quality traceability

The internal quality tracing can be traced to the production batch, supplier, processing flow and bad rate. It only needs to use the laser marking machine to mark the product of the output, and can be inquired through the database system. Once the batch of products has problems and which suppliers do not supply specifications, they can know the details at a glance.

After being processed into finished products, the product is marked two times by laser. The only batch, tamper proof, and permanent two-dimensional code are marked. Again, the visual recognition system is entered into the database system, and it is combined with the external traceability system.

External product traceability

External product tracing is mainly to facilitate users to query the authenticity of goods through scanning the two-dimensional code, understand the origin of products, production date and more detailed information. At present, in the food, medical, industrial electronics and other industries, laser marking two-dimensional code traceability system is widely used.

Gem laser two-dimensional code traceability system, dedicated to the perfect tracking of the industry chain, in order to achieve one object, one yard as the goal, the whole process of product control. Laser marking has the advantages of low cost, easy generation of two-dimensional code, flexible information communication, high information readability and permanent laser coding.

Gem laser online marking machine

Gem laser "flying series" online marking equipment can meet the marking application of all kinds of materials at different speed production lines. In the research of laser coding of different materials, the size of different two-dimensional code information and the readability of two-dimensional code, the Gem laser reserves quite a lot of technology and experience. The advantages of Gem laser marking machine are as follows:

Permanent mark, anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious, laser spurting code technology can effectively prevent product identification counterfeit;

Increasing the added value can make the products look better.

Reliable equipment, laser marking has a mature industrial design, stable and reliable performance, 24 hours of continuous work, laser maintenance free time for more than 20 thousand hours. The wide range of temperature adaptation (5 C - 45 C) is widely applicable to production packaging in various industries.

Laser marking machine does not produce any harmful chemicals to human body and environment. It is a high-tech product of environmental protection and safety.

The laser marking can print a large amount of data in a very small range. The laser can mark the product material with very fine light beam. The printing precision is very high, the control is accurate and unmistakable. It has a clear and perfect interpretation of the content of the spray printing. It has a very strong market competitiveness, and the environmental protection is safe without any corrosiveness, completely isolating the chemical pollution. It is also a close protection for operators, ensuring the cleanliness and cleanliness of production site, reducing late investment and reducing noise pollution.
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