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The“Story of Yanxi Palace”Compared With Gem Laser,Which Is Your Dish?

Aug 24.2018
In order to catch up with the pace of the times, the laser gentleman for many days to forget to eat and sleep, and finally the TV series that is your hot brush, The "Story of Yanxi Palace" can not be updated! I don't want to talk to you about this play. I'm sorry I've had dark circles over the past few days.

If you follow the usual routine, you will surely think: Laser man must also be clear about the palace opera costumes and utensils props and laser forced pull a wave of relationship ~NONONO, although advertising, laser man also want to play beautifully.......

Whether you have seen the "Story of Yanxi Palace" we should know that the characters in the rear palace have distinct personality edges and corners, just like Gem laser's main equipment, each has its own characteristics, which one is your "dish"? This period, and listen to the laser beam.


Fu Chia queen PK Gem Laser Cutting Machine

Character recommendation: Queen Fu cha

Key words: perfect wife

Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

This is the protective umbrella of the women in the harem and the white moonlight on the emperor's apex.

Dignified and elegant queen of the rich, gentle and general. As she said, her identity is empress queen before she can be a woman. She is the protective umbrella of the women in the palace, and the white moonlight of the emperor. Such a flawless queen, like the Gem laser micro-fabrication panel equipment to bring customers unparalleled experience.

Equipment recommendation

GEMQG-3015F-1000 Laser Cutting Machine


highest-ranking imperial concubine Mrs Gao PK Gem laser UV series laser marking machine

Character recommendation: Gao concubine

Key words: domineering side leakage

Recommendation Index:★★★★★

Laser comment: if you do not agree, you can start with cool girl.

The high imperial concubine is the most offended person in the palace. Character, publicity and domineering is a bit unpleasant, it is hard to start, and temper is hot. Laser Jun thinks that she is especially like our TP series laser tube cutting machine, just with the gas field can frighten the competitors, is so cool!

Equipment recommendation

UV Laser Marking Mchine


Wei Yingluo PK Gem laser fiber series CNC optical fiber marking machine

Character recommendation: Wei Yingluo

Key words: protagonist Aura

Recommendation Index:★★★★★

Laser commented: fighting power is a little hard work.

Wei Yingluo, the woman in the play, is the imperial concubine in history. The perseverance of the temperament, always can arouse the spark like fiber series numerical control fiber marking machine, minute let the blocker lead the box meal. He who loves keeps his word and guards it with all his might, and he who hates none will die and revenge it. People in rivers and lakes, a little real time is the absolute truth, our optical fiber series is worthy of the "protagonist".

Equipment recommendation


Xian Fei -- Gem laser CO2 series laser marking machine

Character recommendation: Xian Fei

Key words: strong demeanor

Recommendation Index:★★★★★

Laser commented: it can be mild and hot, and control the whole situation.

Xian Fei is the second queen of Qianlong. Early Qing Gao, gentle and agreeable, do not want to be involved in the Palace Fighting party drifting with the tide, always remind their mother's family, let them be cautious, how to end up home broken, have to black revenge deceivers in order to survive. Late attack, quiet control of the overall situation, a smile to show a strong demeanor, like the CO2 series laser marking machine, inadvertently can HOLD live in the whole field.

Equipment recommendation


Pure imperial concubine PK Gem laser "flying series" online laser code printer

Character recommendation: pure imperial concubine

Key words: unpredictable

Recommendation Index:★★★★★

Laser commented: meticulous mind, smart and ingenious, unpredictable and unpredictable.

The unfathomable concubine has always been a mystery to the vast number of fans and friends to figure out its true purpose, on the surface is also undisputed, but smart and deep, each time the crisis always timely emergence of "fire fighting". Although the latter will be blackened, but its brilliant, meticulous, smart and delicate like the "Flying Series" online laser printer.

Equipment recommendation

Gem laser on-line laser printer can be used for non-contact high-quality laser marking of fast moving products, because of its "flying" marking speed is praised by customers as "flying series". Flying series of on-line laser printer includes optical fiber, CO2, ultraviolet three models, a variety of configurations are optional, can achieve rapid marking, accurate positioning, one breath, and marking clear and lasting marking effect is clear, beautiful, not erasable.

It has significant advantages:

- - Product safety and environmental protection: the use of non-contact spray code, not easy to produce pollution, and the production process does not use any consumables, do not produce any harmful to the environment and the body.

- - Good system stability: the whole system of high efficiency punch, control software is very mature and stable, two-dimensional code, graphics, digital marking applications have been very mature, can ensure the stable production of equipment.

- - Perfect company technical plan: We can provide the most perfect plan, including complete assignment, identification, fixture, removal, smoke purification, etc., can achieve turnkey project.

- - Industry experience: Flying series at home and abroad have a large number of application cases, in food, beverage, daily chemical and other industries have accumulated rich experience.

Which is your "dish"? Okay, that's all for today's push. Ring fat and thin. Which one is your "dish"? If you want to take away backyard babies, laser man can't help you, but if you want to take away laser equipment, you're right to look for laser. ~ Consulting phone + 86-27-84793136, love her, please take her ~

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