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There Is A Picture Of The Truth, The Application Of Laser Marking Machine!

May 15.2018
In our daily life, we can often see the date of production, the two dimensional code and the traceability code on the food bag. If we look carefully, we can see that some of the marks are rough and some are even blurred and incomplete. These are usually made of ink jet code, while some are particularly delicate and clear. Besides, this is marked by laser marking machine.

As an advanced laser processing technology, laser marking has been widely applied in various industries such as daily chemical, food, medicine and so on. Unlike the inkjet marking of this physical spray, laser marking results in a reaction between the laser beam and the surface of the material, resulting in markings. Therefore, the effect of laser on different materials is different, and the application range of different laser marking is different.

The application range of CO2 laser marking machine is the most widely used in all kinds of non-metal and metal materials. It has marked advantages for most non-metallic materials such as wood, cloth, plastic, paper and glass, and paint metal packaging materials. 

Although the material range of the optical fiber laser marking machine is not as wide as the CO2 laser marking machine, its electro-optical conversion rate is high, the efficiency is higher, and the marking effect is excellent. The most important thing is that the optical fiber laser marking machine is the best choice for the marking of metal materials, or a series of precision products such as integrated circuit chip, computer accessories and so on. In addition, fiber laser marking machine is widely used in laser texturing (achieving different roughness grades on material surface).

The application field of UV laser marking machine is more advanced, and the power is low (at present it is mainly 3W and 5W). For some special materials, UV laser marking machine has a unique advantage, such as ABS, PP, UV and so on. Because the ultraviolet wavelength belongs to the short wave, it will not produce too much heat effect on the material, especially some materials which are sensitive to heat, the ultraviolet laser marking machine can avoid the phenomenon of marking edge burning and melting.

Laser marking machine can not only be used on a single machine, but also installed on the assembly line for joint use. Some laser marking machines can be integrated on the production line to meet the demand of fast moving consumer goods. The laser marking machine, which is applied to fast marking products, is called on-line laser marking machine (online laser code printer). The on-line laser marking machine is flexible in structure, the professional support can be conveniently installed on the pipeline, and can easily adjust and back up and down, even if the complex pipeline can also cope with it.

In order to achieve better marking effect and meet different production needs, different laser marking machines should be used according to the different materials. It
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