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The World's Smallest Diameter Laser Rangefinder Is Born, What Is This Hangzhou Enterprise So Strong?

Feb 02.2018

Believe in the evening of January 31st, a lot of people are waiting in the sky, watching the rare total lunar eclipse. Do you know how far the earth is from the moon? This is the technique of laser ranging.

Just a week ago, the Yunnan Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully implemented lunar laser ranging in China for the first time, which means that China has become the fourth country to successfully achieve lunar laser ranging in the world.
Compared with the 1.2 meter laser rangefinder of the moon, in January 31st, superstar technology announced that it was the world's smallest laser rangefinder with the smallest diameter of the world. It has the same shape as ordinary Leica.

From "brick" to "pen"
The laser is known as the "fastest knife" and "the most accurate scale", since twentieth Century is a major human hair incidentally, widely used in medical, communication and measurement in three major areas.
The measurement field, when we measure the height of climbing encounter danger, when we feel upset when measuring curve, laser ranging is a good way to save time and effort. The principle of laser ranging is that after the laser is launched to the target, it can get the round-trip distance by measuring its round-trip time and multiplied by the speed of light. It has the advantage of high speed and high accuracy.
In the 80s of last century, Leica developed the world's first handheld laser rangefinder, such as a brick like size and heavy load. At that time, China's laser industry has just started. After more than thirty years of technology upgrading, laser rangefinder is getting smaller and smaller. Before that, the latest achievement of laser rangefinder still stays in the size of mobile phone, and it is still not convenient enough to carry.

Since 2016, the 15 R & D team of Leica technology has been working together to develop more convenient laser rangefinder. After two years of technological research, it successfully reduced the laser rangefinder to a pen and successfully inserted into its pocket. "This is the smallest diameter laser rangefinder in the world, which will start a milestone in the field of global laser measurement." Leica measurement COO Thomas Harring said that the farthest distance measurement of this pen laser range finder is 25 meters, which is widely applied to indoor ranging and furniture measurement. With only one click, the distance will be displayed on the electronic screen, and the accuracy is controlled within 2mm.
In the pen type laser range finder, the key component is a mini integrated ASIC core, the future of this movement will be widely used in all kinds of intelligent products under the banner of the star technology, including laser measurement level, test pencil, at the same time, ASIC will also apply to the intelligent machine Home Furnishing field play safety protection, human detection and other functions.
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