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The Vaccine Incident Has Been Repeatedly Banned. It Is Imperative To Fully Promote Laser Marking!

Jul 30.2018
Recently, with the record of the production of rabies vaccine and the exposure of the two long life problem vaccines, the "rabies vaccine counterfeiting" of the living creature continued to ferment. At present, the people's daily, Guangming Daily, CCTV network, inspection daily, the Central People's radio, and other five officials have commented on the incident. Once again, the issue of vaccine safety has been put on the cusp of public opinion.

A few years ago, food safety problems emerged one after another. In the past two years, it was a little better, and it was the turn of the drug safety problem. The vaccine was not the first time. 2 years ago, 2 years ago, in March 2016, the Shandong police broke up 570 million yuan in the illegal operation of the vaccine in Ji'nan, two million vaccines lost supervision and entered the illegal chain of trafficking because of the loss of strict cold chain protection.

Laser coding on drug packaging

With regard to people's life and health, everything must be "clear and clear". For a long time, this aspect can only be guaranteed by the legal management of the enterprises and the strict supervision and supervision of the supervision departments. The field of biological medicine has also been the industry with strict control of the state and the higher entry threshold.

In spite of this, many kinds of drug safety incidents have been broken out for many years. At the same time, we have to reflect on how many professional knowledge can the common people have to identify the true and false drugs. How do you avoid this kind of thing happening again? How to solve the plight of product safety supervision? Does it really take many bloody lessons to wake up?

Laser coding on drug packaging

In the industry of laser industry for many years, I realize that it is urgent to monitor the safety of drugs from the source. "One thing and one code" establishes a laser code tracing system to allow users to have the right to know.

In addition, in the case of drug problem, laser code can use large data to quickly trace the flow of products, users, quickly recall products, in order to reduce the damage to the public.

What is a laser code tracing system?

The laser code tracing system can be traced back to the detailed information of every drug's production, transportation, sales and other links, which can be said to establish the only "identity card" for each vaccine. The whole process includes the acquisition of the drug code, the distribution of the drug code, the printing or code of the drug code, the scanning of the drug code, the uploading and inquiring of the drug information. Laser as a coding tool plays an irreplaceable role in the traceability system.

How does it work?

The seriousness of the vaccine is that it is not only the responsibility of the individual who manages the vaccine illegally. It exposes the problem of the transport, preservation, sale, and injection of the whole chain, especially the regulatory links in which people on each node are clearly to be traced. Therefore, it is very important to trace the source of drugs and its authenticity.

Under the drug traceability system, every batch of regular medicines and drug regulatory departments of the manufacturer has the corresponding product two-dimensional code, which is unique and true. All these processes are supervised by the pharmaceutical regulatory authorities through the production code, production, circulation, transportation, storage and distribution to medical institutions. The vaccine must be swept in all aspects of the circulation, and the electronic regulatory system will be automatically compared and verified. If there is any discrepancy in the source, the warning will be automatically given. The relevant departments can also inquire in real time the production, operation, inventory and flow direction of each box, each box, each batch of key drugs, and can be quickly traced and recalled when there are problems.

Gem laser Flying series on-line laser marking machine

Drugs are related to people's health and safety. Their production and circulation must meet the corresponding standards. The laser code tracing system can guarantee the production and circulation of drugs strictly according to standards. It has become an effective tool to prevent and eliminate illegal operations. The Gem laser Flying series laser code machine is widely used in various industries such as food, medicine and daily consumer goods. It plays an important role in maintaining the rights and interests of consumers. It is bound to become an indispensable tool to ensure the quality, safety and responsibility of drugs.

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