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The Two-Dimensional Code Under The Laser: All You Want To Know Is Here!

Sep 25.2018
Two-dimensional code laser marking in beverage bottle body and cap has been widely promoted. Two-dimensional code tracing, which is of high concern in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other industries, has also been popularized in other industries. So, how much do you know about two-dimensional code? We consulted the professional engineer of Gem Laser, and now we'll get some common knowledge of two-dimensional code.

The two-dimensional code includes two kinds: one is the common QR code, the other is the DATA MATRIX code.

QR code is characterized by Chinese characters can be included, can be stored in a very rich content, at the same time, according to its code characteristics, faster scanning speed, in many domestic food and beverages, bottle body, bottle cap, bottle bottom have more use.

The characteristics of the DATA CODE code are smaller, and the size of the two-dimensional code will not increase with the increase of content.

No matter what form it takes, the contents of two-dimensional code generally include:

1. A serial number is generated within the enterprise, which contains information about the manufacturer, site, specifications, batch, production date, time, shift, etc. At the same time, through specific encoding rules, it can play a role in anti-counterfeiting.

2. Web site information, consumers can skip to the corresponding web site through scanning, query authenticity or lottery activities, manufacturers can through the customer scanning, targeted data analysis.

The two-dimensional code on the packaging can be convenient for enterprises to control the circulation. The two-dimensional code generated by the host database has uniqueness, that is, we often say, "one thing, one code", can realize the product in the circulation process. In the supermarket, in the hands of customers, roadside shops, can easily scan out with mobile phones, inquiry to the information contained in the interior, conducive to the manufacturers for the implementation of anti-fleeing product requirements, and supporting product traceability management system with better results.

Why do we usually use laser inkjet printer to mark two-dimensional code?

1. Clearer code effect.

Compared with inkjet printer (inkjet printer), laser printer has a lot of advantages, higher resolution, more regular strokes, and dot-matrix fonts, people look better at first glance, a certain level of upgrading, and the bottle itself after the reaction of plastic material, laser spray The code will have better color contrast, giving people a clear view of the date, validity period, batch number and so on.

Two. Better adhesion.

Similarly, compared with the traditional ink inkjet printer, ink often has adhesion defects, can not better form a solid adhesion on the surface of the product, it is easy to erase, is also a lot of beverage, condiment manufacturers worry about things. Laser printer is different, it can penetrate some oil, water, directly on the plastic surface of the product bottle cap to form laser-engraved characters, unless the lid is destroyed or replaced, the characters on the lid will always exist.

Three, lower usage cost

Ink spray code machine whether in the date of the character or two-dimensional code, need to use ink, solvent, the use of the process also needs certain maintenance, cleaning agent, on the one hand is the impact of the environment, ink are flammable, explosive, irritating odor liquid, to a certain extent harmful to human body. On the other hand, the cost of use, laser printer does not need any consumables, "zero maintenance", just plug-in can be used, similar to new energy vehicles, lower use cost is also a major feature.

Four, lower failure rate

Ink inkjet printer not only needs maintenance, maintenance, but also faces the risk of shutdown or failure in the process of use. Common situations are: offset ink lines, nozzle blockage, ink leakage and so on. The laser spurting code machine, otherwise, the structure is relatively simple, basically does not need the specialized maintenance personnel.
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