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The Size Of The Blue Sea Expansion Of The Semiconductor Laser Industry Will Be Close To 30 Billion Y

Mar 07.2018
Semiconductor laser is a kind of laser with early maturity and rapid progress. Semiconductor lasers are widely used in industrial production, communication, information processing, medical and health, military, culture, education and scientific research, which rely on the advantages of good direction, high brightness, good monochromatic and high energy density. With the continuous improvement of related technologies, the development of semiconductor laser market is huge.

After more than 50 years of rapid development of laser technology in China, the quality and performance of laser products have been preliminarily qualified to compete with large foreign companies. At present, the scope of application of semiconductor laser covers the whole field of optoelectronics, laser ranging, laser radar, laser communication, laser weapon, laser guidance and tracking simulation, ignition, automatic control and detection instrument has been widely applied, the formation of a broad market.

"The outline of the national medium and long term science and technology development plan (2006 - 2020)" brings the laser display technology into the development direction of the national strategic emerging industries. Recently, new progress has been made in the field of technology research and development, industrial development and so on. The Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology and nano bionics, a Chinese Academy of Sciences, has established the first Gan Gan based semiconductor laser material and device manufacturer in China. This means that the blue and green light semiconductor lasers, which are monopolized by foreign countries, will be made domestically.

In recent years, the domestic industry has increased the development of laser industry. All regions under the leadership of the government and laser enterprises are concentrating on scientific research, upgrading technology and developing market, and building laser Industrial Park. Yangzhou create qianyiji laser industry, industrial park will be divided into batches covering the construction of 8 solid state laser radar, laser medical laboratory, laser illumination and display, and 4 industrial enterprises to build R & D center covers semiconductor laser light source, intelligent manufacturing, laser medical instrument and imaging monitoring, through independent innovation and integration of domestic and foreign resources. Together to create a high quality qianyiji laser industry.

It is obvious to all that, unlike other instrument subdivision areas, China's semiconductor laser technology is developing at the same time with foreign countries at the early stage, but the lack of industrialization is still a fact. Under the new economic era, with the development and maturity of the market economy, China's economic giant wheel development has also been greatly improved.

Under the courageous pursuit of government departments, scientific research institutions and enterprises, China's semiconductor industry has launched a new chapter. Especially, some domestic laser products technology has reached the international first-class level, and has been highly praised in the market. To a certain extent, this also improves our country's discourse power in the development of the semiconductor laser industry.

In the long run, the domestic economy presents a good development trend, and the laser industry in China is expected to get more rapid development. Foresight Industry Research Institute is expected that by 2023, the market size of China's semiconductor laser industry will be close to 30 billion yuan. This is also enough to prove that the instrument manufacturers in related fields will have unprecedented opportunities for development. Who can take the sail and become the leader in industrial transformation?
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