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The Price Of Those Things -- A Guide To The Laser Cutting Machine

Mar 08.2018

Q: Hello! How do you sell the laser cutting machine?
A:The price of the laser cutting machine is related to the laser power, type of laser, brand and configuration. What is your demand?

Laser Power, determinants of price.  What about the basic quotations?   general speaking,he higher the power, the more expensive. 10w-60w precision laser cutting machine and more than 2000 Watts of high-power laser cutting machine are relatively few choices, and the price factors are more, so the quotation is quite different.

Q:How to choose the laser power?
A:Material characteristics and thickness determine laser power. In the actual working process, the type of laser, the use of the environment, the cutting speed will affect the power configuration of the laser. The use of auxiliary gas can also improve the cutting ability, so there is no absolute standard.

CO2 Laser
Mental cutting: It can easily cut carbon steel within 20mm, stainless steel within 10mm, and aluminum alloy of 8mm.
Non-mental cutting: It can be used for high quality cutting wood, organic glass, PP, acrylic and so on.

Fiber Laser
The main cutting plate within 20mm, cutting the thin plate within 4mm is obvious, the quality of cutting thick plate is poor, and can not cut non metal material.

YAG Laser
It is mainly used for the cutting of spot welding, punching and thin plate. Non metal materials can not be cut.

Cost comparison

In spite of the same power, the price of the cutting machines of different types of lasers is very small, but the cost of maintenance must be considered when considering the purchase.

 all in all,CO2 laser cutting machine can cut the thick metal plate, cutting non-metal quality is better, but the equipment is huge, and the maintenance cost is high.  
The cutting range of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is small, but the cost of use and maintenance is low, the maintenance is convenient, the maintenance efficiency is high, the degree of flexibility is high, and the speed is very fast.
YAG laser cutting machine has high maintenance cost and can not cut non-metallic materials.
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