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The First Realization Of Lunar Laser Ranging In China

Jan 24.2018
From the pan green will promote the public number of news of the lunar laser ranging technology has long been engaged in the research group of the Yunnan Observatory astronomy application China academy, after the research of some key technologies after a major breakthrough.
The evening of January 22, 2018, the group using the 1.2m Telescope laser ranging system, laser pulse signal has successfully detected the lunar reflectors returned by Apollo15, for the first time in China to achieve the successful lunar laser ranging.
In the experiment, laser emission receives a common optical path, the laser wavelength is 532nm, the pulse width is 10ns, and the pulse energy is 3.3J.
The average distance between the earth and the moon is 384403.9km, and the distance between the earth and the moon is 385823.433km 387119.600km in the evening of January 22, 2018 to 22:31. The deviation of the measured distance is within 1m.
It is understood that the lunar laser distance measurement is the time to calculate the monthly distance by accurately measuring the round-trip time of the laser pulse from the ground observation station to the moon reflector.
While the moon laser rangefinder is a comprehensive technology, which covers many fields of laser, photoelectric detection, automatic control, space orbit, the distance of the moon is currently the best measurement technology, the research of astronomical observation data of earth dynamics, the Earth Moon system dynamics, lunar physics and gravitation theory verification. Many disciplines have important value.
The country, France and Italy, which had succeeded in the success of the lunar laser rangefinder. The successful realization of the lunar laser range finding by the Yunnan Observatory fills the gap in the field of lunar laser ranging in China.

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