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The First National Laser Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (uav) Appeared In Shenzhen, Which Could Greatly Sho

Feb 05.2018
The first national laser unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) appeared in Shenzhen, which could greatly shorten the time of traditional manual power outage operation

The country's first laser UAV appeared in Shenzhen to clear light barriers suspended on transmission lines, according to the voice of China's "central Guangzhou news".

China Southern Power Grid Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau staff told reporters that this is the first domestic equipment "laser cannon" wrecker UAV, designed to clear the kite streamers, plastic film and other light transmission line on floating objects. It also is equipped with automatic identification of defects, binocular recognition system and other black technology, ordinary personnel only need about 3 times to concentrate on training. Practicality, ease of use and safety are among the leading applications in the field of UAV power industry. At present, 10 authorized patents and 6 registered software copyright have been authorized. Its use can reduce the 5-8 hours of traditional manual power outage to about 30 minutes.
As the first unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with "laser cannon" in China, its laser cannon is able to destroy "floating objects" in a very short time by using high power density laser generator without water cooling. The biggest technical difficulty of laser UAV is to keep high precision at high altitude. It is not only to burn out the outside and not to damage the wire. This machine adopts the millimeter wave radar ranging precision, stable head high precision with super low star keep stable delay figure 60 ms link to ensure the ground control personnel operation is accurate, do it in 3 winds under stable precision, wherever, only one shot. According to Yu Peng, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid, when developing this UAV, the most important thing is practicality, which not only applies to Shenzhen, but also adaptable to various conditions in other areas. The machine uses military grade components on a variety of accessories to ensure normal use in bad weather, such as 0 degrees centigrade.
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