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The Fiber Laser Anti-Freeze Trilogy, Relying On It This Year For Peace Of Mind!

Nov 13.2018
With the advent of cold dew, frost and autumn leaves, the temperature in many parts of the country has dropped sharply, and the temperature in the North has dropped to below zero. People want to add clothes, fiber lasers should also pay attention to anti freeze, otherwise easy to be damaged. Especially in extremely cold climates, the optical part of fiber lasers will form an inevitable damage. Therefore, prior to the onset of the cold wave, senior engineers of Huagong Laser shared this winter anti-freezing guide for fiber lasers, but they must have a good collection!

The basic principle and method of anti-freezing: liquids have "freezing point". When the temperature of liquids is lower than this "freezing point", solids will solidify, while the volume of deionized water or pure water will increase during solidification, which will "destroy" the pipeline and seal connection of water cooling system and cause damage.

In order to avoid the damage of fiber laser, output head and water cooler caused by the solidification of cooling liquid, there are three solutions:

Option one: water closers are not closed at night.

In the case of absolutely no power outage, the water cooler will not be shut down at night, and for energy saving, the temperature of low temperature and normal temperature water will be adjusted to 5-10 C to ensure that the coolant is in a circulating state and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.

Option two: emptying coolant

After daily use, the cooling liquid of the laser, the laser output head and the water cooler is emptied. The specific cooling water emptying method and piping design plan refer to the following pictures:

Schematic diagram of waterway connection

Valve condition during normal use (red closed yellow open)

Use the water cooler before emptying before shutting down.

Low pressure air emptying residual water

Close the red valve and open the Yellow valve according to the graphic requirements. Put clean compressed air or nitrogen not higher than 0.4 Mpa (less than 4 kg) into point A until no water is blown out at point B outlet. Finally, open the outlet of the water cooler and empty the remaining water in the last tank.

It should be noted that all the cooling water in the fiber laser, laser output head, processing head and water cooler must be discharged cleanly in order to effectively protect the whole water-cooled pipeline and related devices!

Option three: use antifreeze as coolant.

Antifreeze fluid must be used when power failure occurs frequently in the operating environment and the conditions for cooling fluid to be exhausted every day are not met. The basic liquid of antifreeze liquid is generally composed of alcohol and water, which requires high boiling point and flash point, high specific heat and conductivity, low low temperature viscosity, not easy to foam, no corrosion to metal parts, rubber hoses, etc. When selecting antifreeze fluid, the freezing point should be 5 degrees below the lowest temperature in the environment.

Choice of antifreeze

1, use professional brand of special antifreeze, do not use ethanol instead.

2. If the professional brand is not convenient to purchase, you can also buy the large bottled automobile antifreeze without adding water at the nearby regular gas station or the regular supply shop, which is directly used in the water-cooling system of the fiber laser.

Any antifreeze can not completely replace deionized water and can not be used for a long time. After winter, the pipeline must be cleaned with deionized water or pure water, and the use of deionized water or pure water as coolant should be restored.

Special reminder: Please store and use the fiber laser strictly according to the storage temperature and working temperature specified in the manual. If any problems arise, contact the equipment supplier and let the after-sales engineer help to solve them.

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