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The Application Of Laser Welding

Mar 19.2018
Laser welding is a welding method that uses high energy density laser beam as heat source, that is, laser radiation heating the surface of workpiece. The surface heat is guided through the heat diffusion, so that the workpiece is melted and the specific pool is formed. As shown in Figure 1, the laser beam is absorbed through the upper layer of transparent material, and then absorbed by the lower material. The laser energy is absorbed and converted to heat energy, because two layers of materials are pressed together. The heat is transferred from the absorption layer to the light transmittance layer, so that the two layers of material are melted and combined.

It can be seen that the energy of the laser beam must be absorbed by the plastic in order to achieve good welding effect. So the CO2 laser is generally used in the plastic laser welding. In addition, not all plastics can be welded by laser welding. Plastics can be divided into two types: thermosetting and thermoplastic. Thermosetting plastics are not remolded or welded. Thermoplastic polymers will be melted again after heating. They can be heated and cooled to make reversible changes. They are so-called physical changes and therefore have solderability.

Compared with other laser welding welding method has the characteristics of high speed, good effect, the mechanical stress and thermal stress is small, so it is particularly suitable for the electronic components in the mouse, mobile phone connector, processing precision, and the need for complex parts in a cleaner way to weld, such as circuit board containing the plastic products. Automobile, medical, consumer electronics, food and other industries are the ideal application fields of laser welding.

Automobile industry

Plastic laser welding machine used in automobile industry is very extensive, such as sensor, automatic door locks, engine cab frame, fuel nozzle, gear rack, has been part of the car taillights also use laser welding, such as HYUNDAI's flagship model GENESIS and Equus.

Medical field

Plastic laser welding machine can be used for manufacturing liquid storage tanks, liquid filtration equipment, hose connectors, stoma bags, hearing aids, transplants, microfluidics devices for analysis, etc.

Packaging industry

For example, the packaging of advanced industrial products, plastic film welding technology, can be processed high speed, reliable seams, beautiful appearance of plastic packaging. Laser welding connection of plastic material outside packing material. Plastic materials are thermoplastic and artificial rubber.

Laser welding of plastics has the advantages of low cost, no pollution, high speed, convenient processing, easy realization of precision CNC and raw materials for a wide range, bondability and good technology and other comprehensive advantages, with the gradual commercial plastic welding process research and plastic laser welding equipment, laser welding of plastics will be applied more and more widely, more and more technology more mature. In order to meet the needs of industrial, medical and scientific research etc. the increasing market demand of transparent plastic products, designed and developed gemming laser 2 m CW fiber laser welding machine, laser, optical motion in welding parts and fixture components as a whole, with high output power, small size, high efficiency, the equipment will be unveiled at the 2018 Munich Shanghai optical fair!

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