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So Many Countries Have Stopped Selling Fuel Vehicles: Is China'S Fuel Vehicle Market Approaching?

Aug 27.2018
Shortly after the launch of Fortune World 500 in 2018, Beiqi Group successfully ranked among the top 500 in the world. After that, Xu Heyi, chairman of Beiqi Group, officially announced a big news: by July 31, 2018, Beiqi's own brand will stop the production of traditional fuel vehicles in Beijing.

Beiqi Group fired the first shot to stop production of fuel trucks, then other brands of car manufacturers stop production of fuel trucks schedule is what? Will China usher in the era of a comprehensive shutdown of fuel vehicles? When will it be?

In fact, various automobile companies have responded to the call of the state, respectively, in the development plan and strategy announced abroad to mention the "deoiling" schedule. "Stop producing self-owned brand fuel vehicles in Beijing" is the first step for Beiqi to optimize its own industry and adjust its strategy. In the future, Beiqi will completely stop selling fuel vehicles in Beijing by 2020 and nationwide by 2025.

The schedules of stopping fuel cars around the world

Germany banned the sale of traditional diesel vehicles in 2030.

Norway banned the sale of fossil fuel vehicles before 2025.

Holland banned the sale of fossil fuel vehicles before 2025.

India banned the sale of fossil fuel vehicles before 2030.

Britain has banned gasoline and diesel vehicles since 2040.

France has banned the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles since 2040.

Will the fuel vehicle market pass away?

So, in the next decade or so, will the fuel vehicle market pass away? Not always. After all, the era of fuel vehicles that have existed for more than 100 years can not be subverted in just a few decades, not to mention the history of so-called electrification, but because the cost of research and development is too high and difficult to be submerged in the long river of history, in recent years due to environmental pollution and the rapid development of science and technology have been excavated again. To see, it is not so easy to get rid of fuel vehicles in a comprehensive way.

Alexander Dobrindt, Germany's transport minister, said publicly: "It is totally unrealistic to ban the sale of fuel vehicles by 2030. The correct way should be to promote the development of electrification, promote the construction of charging infrastructure, and increase the acceptance of electric vehicles by reducing the cost of purchasing them."

And from the message area of major automotive forums, it is not difficult to find that consumers'acceptance of pure electric vehicles is relatively low, people are not confident about the endurance mileage, operating performance, daily applicability of pure electric vehicles.

The appearance and perfection of anything, to be accepted and popularized by people, need a long-term development, and a spiral upward state, not a straight line, curve upward trend.

And the development of new energy vehicles also faces many challenges. In 2017, new energy vehicles will produce 794,000 vehicles and sell 777,000 vehicles. How much will this number increase in the past decade? Is it able to fully meet the tens of millions of capacity passenger car market? Will battery energy cover all the needs of people's work and life?

At the same time, with the increase of the proportion of new energy vehicles, can the equipment manufacturing and power battery manufacturing matching with new energy vehicles catch up without dragging their feet? These are urgent problems.

How far the new energy vehicle can go depends on how far the power battery can go.

How far the new energy vehicle can go depends on how far the power battery can go. Fortunately, people are most concerned about the issue of new energy vehicle power batteries, is gradually developing in a better direction. Under the background of large-scale manufacturing of power batteries, GEM laser has cooperated with Ningde Times, BYD and other companies to promote the development of power batteries manufacturing towards automation, intelligence and visualization by virtue of decades of technical accumulation in the field of laser equipment and the rich practice in the field of automation in the past decade. At present, GEM laser's laser welding equipment can provide solutions including automatic sealing line of battery cover plate, automatic sealing line of injection port, automatic welding system of pole soft connection, explosion-proof valve welding system and automatic welding system of battery module.

Maybe what we will pass away will not be "fuel vehicle era", nor will it be in 2030. What we are gradual away from is the era of "mainstream fuel vehicles", ushering in a more diversified era of travel.
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