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Integrated Silicon Optical Technology Is Expected To Produce Iii-v Family / Silicon Laser On A Large

Dec 13.2017
Recently, the French Atomic Energy Commission electronics and information technology laboratory reported that the III-V family / silicon hybrid laser produced by the laboratory has been developed for mass production, and is displayed at the research group meeting.

The researchers conducted a hybrid III-V / Si laser manufacturing process in the dust-free room of the electronic and information technology laboratory in Grenoble, France

It is understood that the new distributed feedback laser (DFB) laser developed by the new silicon photonics technology combines the large scale integrated circuit technology. The maximum output power of the distributed feedback (DFB) transmitter is 4 mW, and the side mode rejection ratio (SMSR) of the transmitter is 50 dB. In the continuous electric test at room temperature, the laser device generates up to 4 mW output power at the wavelength of 1300nm, where the edge mode rejection ratio is 50dB, indicating a good spectral purity. Although the output power varies with the increase of the applied driving current, the laser threshold current is stable between 50 mA and 65 mA.
For the first time, the fully CMOS compatible 200mm wafer is integrated into the hybrid III-V/Si distributed feedback laser. The experiment uses the innovative laser contact method without using integrated stripping. The research team used local silicon thickening and made 500nm thick silicon layer under the III-V material gain part. In the use of deep ultraviolet (DUV) lithography after thickening the silicon waveguide region beneath the Prague region to gain grating pattern, single insulator bearing key components of mixing device on silicon (SOI) and indium phosphide (InP) combined with oxygen plasma surface activation. It is possible to make use of the wafer fabrication technology III-V / Si laser to make the laser technology be produced in a large scale.
In the future, the application of silicon optical technology will be further commercially. It will involve the implementation of optimization design, including the use of amorphous silicon to improve the transmission power level. The wiring of the two metal layers will also be used to improve the current driving ability and reduce the equivalent integrated circuit resistance and so on. Once the new technology is developed, it will be widely used in data centers, high-performance computing, and even future security communications.
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