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Sea Amoy Platform And Exposed The Fake The Traceability Of Cosmetics Also Looks At The Laser Markin

Mar 22.2018
This year's 3. 15 party has fallen, but the way consumers maintain rights is still long. With the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, fake and shoddy products also retrofit, in various forms in all walks of life, make people impossible to guard against. It is a common choice for various industries to borrow advanced laser marking technology and establish a perfect product tracing mechanism.

Recently, a report from the China Consumer Association (China Consumer Association) has attracted a lot of attention. The reason is that China Consumers Association has sampled part of the products sold during the double eleven period. Some well-known stores such as Taobao, Jingdong, NetEase, koala shopping,, many industries and Gome online stores were all questioned.

The sea Amoy goods repeated

In terms of "Hai Tao" commodity identification, the survey actually bought 93 samples of "Hai Tao" commodity, involving 37 brands, and "Hai Tao" products were suspected of counterfeiting more. Spot checks found 30% "Hai Tao" products failed.

The problem of fakes has been the crux of the development of the electricity supplier industry. There is an expert analysis, because the chain of haeao is very long, which involves procurement of goods, warehousing of bonded areas, the entry and exit of goods, and domestic express. All kinds of links are likely to appear counterfeit products, and now there is no more clear system to restrict it.

Why are there more fake products in the cosmetic field? First of all, its counterfeit cost is relatively low, followed by a relatively high degree of imitation; third, it has not been able to determine the mark of a fake, unlike some alcoholic or food products that have traceability or counterfeit packaging.

Setting up a traceability system to eliminate counterfeit goods

Thus it can be seen that only the establishment of the traceability system can truly eliminate counterfeit goods.

After the Jingdong cross-border logistics to multiple partners, jointly initiated the establishment of cross-border tracing alliance "; Ningbo, Zhengzhou free trade zone through the merchandise traceability code, the official records of traceability information of goods, including product name, origin, import agent, import port, and transport, inspection date, number, date, customs clearance Inspection No., shipping warehouse, consumers can check at any time, understand the product sequence of events.

Traceability of laser marking

In the process of tracing the entire sea Amoy products, can be described as a retroactive effect code is connecting, hand back yards bear information recording task, the producer will product information are stored in a small yard, a back yard is the downstream sales side, consumers understand the product export of information, only clear and easy to read back code transfer to complete product information.

In the process of retroactive coding, there is a relatively mature traceability system for wine and food products. Laser marking technology is used as a means of coding.

Laser marking machine used in cosmetics safety traceability system, can adapt to different packing materials, a wide range of applications, such as UV laser inkjet printer is very suitable for HDPE, PE, PP, ABS and PBT plastic material sprayed on permanent identification; and the fiber laser marking machine has good beam mode, the system is stable and reliable, the advantages of tight optical package, long-distance transmission of laser can be up to 3M, particularly suitable for installation in the pipeline under complex conditions.

Application of laser gem laser is committed to provide users with professional and comprehensive solutions, with the development of the electricity supplier industry, "expand the sea Amoy market share, we believe that the future for cosmetics and other types of sea Amoy commodity management will be more comprehensive, the laser will also escort the development of sea amoy.
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