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Science And Technology Change Life: Laser Marking For The New Policy Of Pesticide Label

Jan 17.2018
For pesticide products, packaging and labeling like face, is the carrier of pesticide product information, however, over the years, China's current pesticide label problems: operators expand privately registered crops (control object) and the scope of use, highlighting the brand name, common name, weakening the label on the label of illegal advertisement, near the famous exaggeration etc. nonstandard situation meet the eye everywhere.
In the near future, the Ministry of agriculture has issued the "measures for the management of pesticide labels and instructions" to regulate the management of pesticide labels and instructions to ensure the safety of the use of pesticides. In addition to strict specifications for labels, we should clearly indicate effective information that must be tagged on labels, and eliminate all exaggerated, fake and hidden behaviors.

At the same time, "pesticide management regulations", "pesticide labels and instructions management measures", added an important content of traceable electronic information code, emphasizing the traceability of pesticides, so that pesticides have their own "electronic ID card". The traceability electronic information code should be tagged in the form of two-dimensional code, and can scan and identify the name of the pesticide, the name of the holder of the pesticide registration card and so on.
Is not the same as with the previous label in accordance with the new regulations, pesticide traceability electronic information code is a matter of a code, two-dimensional code on each label is not the same, only, this requires more advanced technical means to implement the escort for the new regulations, also means that the original manufacturer to complete the replacement of old and new labels. Update identification equipment. And the laser marking at this time shows its unparalleled advantage in the "online marking".
The online laser printer, can easily achieve a matter of a code, only in the specific "operating system" set up, can be accurate, fast and flexible implementation of any marking requirements, even production line conditions are very complicated, they can run freely.
The emergence of new technology has brought convenience to the supervision of drugs and even food, and the development of society and economy has also brought new requirements to technology. At present, the traditional way of coding is no longer able to meet the mass and high efficiency requirement of pesticide industry. Most pesticide companies do not have a highly integrated production line, so we need to add or transform existing production lines.
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