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Safety Marking By Laser And Return Health On The Tip Of The People's Tongue

Feb 01.2018
Taking the people as the basis, taking food as the priority and taking safety as the priority, food safety has always been a major livelihood issue of concern to the community. With everyone's awareness of health promotion and changes in dietary structure, the quality and safety of agricultural products is even more received the extra attention.
         Although the safety of agricultural products has been greatly improved in recent years, the general public still feels that it is not easy to eat. Because some problems can not be identified by the naked eye.

By the end of 2016, according to CCTV, vegetables with tape bundles often seen in supermarkets have been tested for 10 times as high as formaldehyde. Some illegal producers and operators use banned veterinary drugs and illegal addition of harmful substances. The phenomenon of malicious illegal repeated prohibitions, hidden dangers of agricultural products is still prominent.

From field to table, understand and master the real-time dynamic of China's agricultural products safety is very important. Only food from the source can be traced, the whole process of monitoring, let consumers eat comfort, rest assured, safe.
Indeed, traceability of track and path is an indispensable means to ensure the quality, safety and responsibility of agricultural products. However, the traceability of agricultural products has always been the most complex and hardest part of food traceability. The maturity of online laser marking technology has made us a step closer to solving this problem thoroughly.

Gem Laser launched the "Flying" series of online laser printer, because of its "flying" mark speed by customers like "Flying series." Flying series of online inkjet printer can quickly move the product non-contact high-quality laser code, marked clearly marked handwriting, permanent erasable. The series of laser printers used in agricultural products traceability system, as well as non-toxic non-polluting, one thing a yard of precision and flexible advantages.

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