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Rescuing No Nightmare? Find Out The Food Packing Box With The Charger.

Jul 25.2018
Kentucky played a new pattern in food packaging. Their India store launched a food box called "Watt A Box". Careful observation, you will find a cell phone charger jack and a data line on the package. Yes, this is a 6100 Ma mobile power! With its own power switch, it also provides Lightning and USB interfaces to support iOS and Android devices. With it, people can recharge their phones while enjoying food. After eating fried chicken chips, you can also remove the mobile power and take it home.

                                      Watt A Box

"Right now, everyone is spending a lot of time on smartphones, and it's like a nightmare when they're out of power. We launched this product to help people solve this problem. KFC India's chief marketing officer said in an interview with the media.

At present, the series is a limited-size product and will not be promoted globally. It is only available in Delhi and Mumbai, India.

Food packing box, by the way, charge a phone to a cell phone

With the growing flavor of the commercialization of food industry, there are various phenomena of reverse Renaissance in packaging. Unsafe, environmentally friendly, crude food packaging boxes are hard to get people's favor. Individuality, interest, safety and environmental protection are new demands for packaging boxes.

Besides the packing boxes that can be recharged, there are also Facebook boxes: the boxes are more artistic and can be used as ornaments or as masks to be worn, greatly enhancing the interest and value of recycling of the products.

                                     Facebook box

In addition to practicality and interest, the safety and environmental protection is also very important. The existing enterprises have developed environmental protection type package manufacturing system, which can mould any stereoscopic modeling and can realize a new environmental protection package with any existing paper processing technology.

Environmental protection material packaging

Packaging boxes have been achieved with the times, new personalities, new tastes, new functions emerge in endlessly, and the essential part of the package: product markings, some have fallen behind the times.

According to the Chinese people's Republic of China, the product packaging must indicate the name of the product, the factory name and the site of the factory and the specifications of the product. The product which is used within the time limit should clearly indicate the production date, the safe period of use or the date of failure in a clear position.

The traditional mode of production date jet code is inkjet code, even with higher cost of advanced ink, it is easy to appear blur and damage, and the poor ink is more and more dizzy, and the impression is poor. The dropped ink will touch the hands of users and even directly pollute the food. In comparison, the production date laser jetting machine, clear and high quality, wear-resistant, no defect, not dirty, because it does not need additional consumables, and does not produce any toxic and harmful substances, in environmental protection has obvious advantages. In addition, with the application of the two-dimensional code in the food packaging box, the demand for the two-dimensional code inkjet printer is higher. The two dimensional code laser printer can be integrated on the product line to achieve one and one code, and the rapid marking. It has the same advantages as the integration degree and the two-dimensional code readability.

GEM laser flying series CO2 laser online inkjet printer can be widely used in carton packaging two-dimensional code, production date, anti-counterfeiting code, traceability code and other markings. The device features high quality optical components, good optical mode, high system stability, and suitable for various working conditions. The machine is flexible in installation, easy to adjust, and to ensure the consistency of high speed code and marking. It can easily apply the demand for industrial mass online spray code, such as packing box, packing bag, film, glass bottle, pipe material and electronic components.

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